JAMs: Job Cards – the ‘Burn The Shard – Part One’ collection

Attendees of ‘Welcome To the Dark Ages’ were no strangers to the ‘Job Cards’. As ‘volunteers’ at the event, these were the badges of employment.

‘Burn The Shard – Part One’ carried on this new found tradition on Thursday, November 23rd 2017. However, with just 99 volunteers at this event, the range and volume of job cards was reduced but were nonetheless interesting and intriguing…

A redesign had taken place. No rigid orange card, with black print on both sides, for these tasks. This time, a slightly larger card (on a lower gsm paper), which was only printed on one side, black and yellow ink plus a red rubber stamp (either a JAMs logo or a Pyramid Blaster logo) on white.

Another difference was that one job card was mandatory for all in addition to another task that each individual would also have to carry out. This compulsory card was for ‘Dead Perch Posters – Stricktly Fly Posting’….

We have a bulk of job cards but are missing the following:

  • Emboldener 1
  • Emotional First Responder 2
  • Life Guard 1
  • Pies Of Mu 1
  • Pies Of Mu 2
  • Pies Of Mu 3
  • Tangerine Distributer 1
  • Wallpaper Paste Mixer 2
  • Wallpaper Paste Mixer 3
  • Wallpaper Paste Mixer 4

And possibly:

  • Actor Lighter
  • Hander Out Of Posters
  • Plus any other job cards that you may know of…

If you have any of the above Job Cards, please Contact Us and we will add it to the gallery. Thank you!

JAMs: Job Cards – the ‘Burn The Shard – Part One’ collection

Huge thank you to The 400, The 99, Matt Sharp, David Hopkinson, Mary Epworth, Lisa Louise Lovebucket, Heather Martin, Vicky Pearson, Annie Bailey, Becci James, Amanda Cartwright, Ade Cartwright, Andy Gell, Aaron Nathaniel Standen, Mark Love, Jenette Passmore, Paul Simmonds, Kim Woods and Mervyn Syna for their help in making this gallery possible.