‘Who ate all the pies?’ b/w ‘Chasing after Winnie’ by Ade and Amanda Cartwright

As tickets for ‘Burn The Shard: Part One’ were allocated in pairs, we are pleased to bring you a Double A-Side from our guest writers, Ade and Amanda Cartwright who were (are) both part of The 400 and The 99. Here, they share their accounts of that memorable Thursday night in London town…

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(A Side) ‘Who ate all the pies?’ by Ade Cartwright

After part 1, or 1, 2 & 3 the journey continued into part 2 or 4, following the JAMs is more confusing than a fuuked up Star Wars franchise. I started & ended this trip just as confused as when The Bombed Out Church twisted my melons man.

A couple of us arranged to meet in a pub around the corner. We got there early and found a chap sat reading ‘2023’ so we joined up for a pint. It then evolved into a dozen of The 400 crew, it’s a great family to be a part of. A few OMG introductions putting unpainted faces to the names in the FB group, we supped up our beers and found our way to the venue. You all know who you are so I won’t embarrass you with name checks (especially the couple of people whose names elude me at the moment…..)

I was expecting a warehouse somewhere or the actual Shard, not a nice, clean & respectable venue. We shuffled in, names & emails checked, hand stamped and off to the back room to get a job from Oliver. There was one hand written job with instructions to ‘Light Oliver & Daisy’. Now given the name of the event I thought this is going to be an interesting job! I asked Oliver about it, he just said ‘well volunteered’ & gave me a spotlight on a telescopic pole, but no box of matches…….

I was to trail Oliver & Daisy to light them up when they were talking to the masses.

Lighter Of Daisy and The Officiator

I know that you’re all well aware of where we went so I’ll skip that. I enjoyed my contribution, it was arm achingly fun. Except the light ran out of battery so I just wedged a torch at the top and waved that around, seemed to do the trick. With a battered voice from coordinating lots of Badger Kull & Big Mac chants from the front, I still managed to guide people into the pub with claims of free beer while I lit up the door. Apparently this wasn’t true, sorry to all those who tried.

Oliver was chatty but focused on the way around. Had a chat with Daisy about pt 2 or 4 and the possible events to come. I explained that I definitely would be attending the Toxteth Day of The Dead one way or another as I had a brick. She recommended being there in person, even though I was already dead. Her phone rang when she was organising & orchestrating so she threw it to me to answer. I spoke with a nice sounding lady who asked me to get Daisy to call her back as Robert had gone missing. I still don’t know if he turned up again or if he’s on a milk carton somewhere but she didn’t seem too concerned at the time so I’m guessing he’s okay.

Back at the Barge House, I got a pat on the back from Jimmy for my torch trick, then he said he’d look after the light. He is definitely the more frugal of the two, he was the first to reclaim the bucket of coins I’d liberated in Liverpool. Although I still have the torch, apologies Jimmy!!

Bill Drummond & Jimmy Cauty

A couple of Badger Kull tunes, another purchase from DPM along with a couple of bottles of unopened DPA for my collection and I was done.

DP Ale - Ade Cartwright

Henry Pedders & Ronald McDonald - Jerusalem

Another brilliant event & brilliant people, here’s to many more.

PS the only downside was the last thing Amanda said to me before I left Worcester for London, “don’t forget my trainers as these shoes will kill me”. Sorry!



(AA Side) ‘Chasing after Winnie’ by Amanda Cartwright

So what part is it? Part 2 or is it part 3 or part 4……not knowing what the FUUK is going on is pretty normal now, I think, or is it ‘cos we’re already dead?

One thing I did know was my feet were gonna be sore at the end of the night!

After finding the meeting place, the excitement began to build! I was never a KLF fan but what came after has always fascinated me and I am one of The 400 and now one of The 99! I knew that this would be a night to revel in! And it was good to know that familiar faces would be there to revel with too.

No soup making for me this time – no – I was an ‘Explainer’. I like to explain…….”what’s going on” I hear you ask, well “when the JAMS discovered America in 942……”

Explainer 4

And then we were off, that familiar yellow band of yellowness!

When Winnie passes, run after her……I don’t think dead John was supposed to float – oh well. Henry da Riot……Ice Kream Van…….yellow smoke……Yoko…..Jura and mince pies.

Oliver Senton

Synchronicity…..I like synchronicity and we fly posted. What the FUUK? I await the next chapter.

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MU Pie Photo courtesy of A. Nathaniel Standen

Yoko and Winnie Photo courtesy of Mary E Epworth