Toxteth Day Of The Dead 2018 presented by K2 Plant Hire Ltd [Video] by dfegroups

Attendee video footage of Toxteth Day Of The Dead 2018 – 23.11.18.

Trolleys, pyramids, job cards, Mumufication, a procession, mince pies, tea and more…

Huge thanks to dfegroups.


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  1. Fantastic A peripatetic pyramid. Posthomous People power .

    ThanK2 for putting Toxteth Day of the Dead on the significant Calendar of life with the support of the Callenders, the kicked out Jams, the Liverpool Arts Lab, the Fabulous Florries, the bricklayer laidee, the Furry BadgerKull , The money burning guy, Angel Larry, Tocky Tom MC ( NIce threads!), and all the Other various, nefarious,hilarious. serious partycipants in such high service of ultimate bollocks. Be there next year with more beautiful lanterns or be a brick!

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