JAMs: Job Cards – the ‘Toxteth Day Of The Dead 2018’ collection

Attendees of ‘Welcome To the Dark Ages’ and ‘Burn The Shard: Part One’ will be familiar with the issuing of  ‘Job Cards’ as they became ‘volunteers’ in proceedings.

This time around, the Liverpool Arts Lab helped with the job cards. A nifty red colour card with black imagery and text was the order of the day. Furthermore, a new logo appeared on each with a fresh pyramid for Toxteth Day Of The Dead.

We have a number of job cards but are missing the following:

  • Banner Carrier
  • Chief Mourner (& tear collector)
  • Stone Puller Leg 1
  • Yozzer Hughes / Yosser Hughes
  • Plus any other job cards that you may know of…

If you have any of the above Job Cards, please Contact Us and we will add it to the gallery. Thank you!

JAMs: Job Cards – the ‘Toxteth Day Of The Dead 2018’ collection

Huge thank you to The Liverpool Arts Lab, Chris Payne, Andrew Lee, The 400, The 99, Andy Gell, Ade Cartwright, Amanda Cartwright, Lisa Louise Lovebucket, Kate Alderton, Rob Cotter, Simon Buckley, Mandie Buchanan, Rusty Abbot, Vicky Pearson, Phil Nash, Darren Tyler, Dean Montgomery, Simon Scanlan, Steve Dutch Boom, Robin Scarlett, Jamie Price, Fran and Horton Jupiter  for their help in making this gallery possible.