Whatever: Excerpt 2 by Andy Gell

Hyper prolific guest writerAndy Gell returns…

For this *special offering* Andy issues another enticing excerpt from his forthcoming short story ‘Whatever’… (cannot wait for the full version).

In this tale, ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’ by The JAMs appears to have more to it than meets the eye…

Check out the the first teaser: WHATEVER: AN EXCERPT, ACT 1 SCENE 2.

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Make sure you visit his essential website documenting ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’ over at: welcometothedarkagespage130.com.


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A hotel room. An expensive one. The huge, panoramic vista shows the Liverpool Dock area, The Liver Building and beyond that the dark, moonlit waters of The Mersey. Two men are enjoying a late night whiskey. They are the INSIDERS and their identities are unknown. Below is a transcript of their conversation recorded covertly by the Catashi Organisation.

INSIDER 1: Well that was fun.

INSIDER 2: Pretty cool.

INSIDER 1: What did you make of them?

INSIDER 2: They looked great. Full of energy.

INSIDER 1: They’ll need it.

INSIDER 2: Do you reckon?

INSIDER 1: Well I’m expecting great things.

INSIDER 2: But we don’t know what’s going on.

INSIDER 1: Hopefully they do.

INSIDER 2: You’d like to think so.

INSIDER 1: But, its always chaotic with them and this time it’s on a massive scale.

INSIDER 2: They’ll have been planning this for years.

INSIDER 1: Years?

INSIDER 2: Well months.

INSIDER 1: Do you think we’ll get our monies worth?

INSIDER 2: It’s not about the money for me.

INSIDER 1: Who are you kidding? It always about the money with you.

INSIDER 2: Yeah, but…

INSIDER 1: Yeah, but nothing. I’m shattered.

INSIDER 2: Me too.

INSIDER 1: What’s on tomorrow?

INSIDER 2: Job allocation and the hearing.

INSIDER 1: Busy, busy, busy.

INSIDER 2: Better get some rest then.

INSIDER 1: Don’t think I’ll sleep well tonight. Too excited.

INSIDER 2: Another whiskey might help.

INSIDER 1: Why not?

INSIDER 2: It’s good stuff. Where did you get it?

INSIDER 1: Do you know what?

INSIDER 2: What?

INSIDER 1: I can’t remember.

INSIDER 2: Too pissed, probably.

INSIDER 1: Probably.

INSIDER 2: Well, here’s a toast. To forgotten whiskey and the next three days.

INSIDER 1: I’ll drink to that. Cheers

INSIDER 2: Cheers.


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