Sidebets and Forced Futuristic Art – Part 2 by Pries Verhon

One of the most intriguing and interesting aspects of ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’ has been the inspiration that it has brought to The 400. As a result of the Liverpool ‘happening’ many have gone on to create a wide variety of art…

One attendee, guest writerPries Verhon has been inspired by the work of The KLF, before, during and after the Dark Ages. In this account, Pries takes us back through his journey in August whilst also sharing the art, film and comedy that he creates as fruit of The JAMs… Part 2…

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Sidebets and forced futuristic art:

A tale of facts, fiction and art before and after the Dark Ages. Part two of three:

Sadoschoooooccccpcpocck (Also known as the little garden)


The shard has been burned and the Dark Ages are over. Well at last part one of burning the shard has been done. How many parts are there? This piece does not know much about Burn the Shard and the 99. This is about Sadoschcccokk, which is a forced futuristic art project and has some connections to The Dark Ages, The KLF and that Liverpool situation taking place during the end of August 2017. 2017 itself is coming to an end and a world premiere of Sadoschocck took place on Friday, May 19 this year; that marks 30 years since The JAMS released their first album. Let´s see what went on and what will go on then.

Facelife and facebook is a rather odd invention. There was an event you see: is the link to that. Nine people were interested and it also states seven people attended. It was not that popular however. It was four people counting myself and one person needed to leave early due to another event. You could say that the 400 was at a time 4 people seeing a movie which was the same day as a small music festival.

The connections

How is Sadoschoccck then connected to the Dark Ages? For one, there was that trailer on a USB stick in the perfume box given to the gift collector. But let´s see how this movie and the two planned sequels nicely connects to the rest of the JAMS. Sadoschcookccccck (furthermore known as The little garden) has some problems connected to it. Just like fascism, futurism and other ideas that at times do not sit that well the same goes here. The little garden has a short snippet of the KLF´s “What time is love” in it and is also a tribute to a director known as Jesus Manera Franco. Also called Jess Franco.

Some background facts: The man had no family or other known connection to Franco the dictator. But he was very productive and has more than 200 director credits to his name. I first heard KLF at a store in the early 90´s and at the time thought that their name might have been “Kejel F” due to phonetics. I was wrong.


The other connections

Here we go. The JAMS have used several aliases during their career. Bill and Jimmy have been either by themselves or together Transit Kings, The Timelords, The Orb, Solid Gold Chartbusters, Blacksmoke and have had several other project names to various type of art, music, books and much more. Two persons who also created several pop singles that exist in a myriad of mixes, remixes and versions. Some released, some bootlegs, some unreleased and some might just be a myth.

As for Jess Franco it went in a similar way. He worked together with some well-known stars but from the 1970´s and onward usually with his wife, Lina Romay. Some movies he directed has five or even more different versions. Some are censored, some have footage added by others and some remain unreleased and some might be just a myth. And then there is the alias aspect. He called himself Jess Franck, David Khume, Clifford Brown and several more. He also wrote some books.


The problems: To recode bad into good for art

I have a memory that might be false regarding Franco. Maybe I did see parts of his movie Female Vampire. But I do remember the review that is still available on the Outernet:

After seeing “The Oasis of the Zombies” I have read the review a couple of times again and find myself laughing. And I have seen the movie. Twice. It is in many ways probably one of the worst movies ever made. After seeing it I have seen quite a few of Franco´s movies. I have at the time come to conclude that around 80 to 85% are rather bad or just utter crap. But some are quite good. The actors and actresses help of course. Christopher Lee, Lina Romay, Klaus Kinski, Soledad Miranda, Jack Palance, Dyanne Thorne and Telly Savalas to name a few do at times excel. And there is something about all those zoom shots and camera movements that just works in some odd way. The scripts could have been better.

Some quality is there. He completed Orson Welles “Don Quijote” and in 2009 he got an honorary Goya which is basically a Spanish Oscar for lifetime achievement. A very productive artist to bring more positive vibes to the table.


The Bollywood connection

In November 2011, I went to Goa, India and took two academic courses. One was rather serious and about ethnology. The other one was connected to literature and mainly about vampires, werewolf, horror and such. Rather good times and five months. On February 15, 2012 Lina Romay died. Franco lived on until April 2, 2013. Some films were discovered and the 200 credits do exist when it comes to directing. There might have been “just” around 170 directed due to different versions but a lot was indeed created.

When I heard the news of Lina´s death I decided to make a movie in her and as it turned out later in Franco´s honor. I also had the idea to create around 200 trailers since I realized that 200 feature films would be quite a lot and that I wouldn´t have the time for that. And then the project just grew and expanded into a total of three feature films but with the goal of 200 trailers, promos, music videos, an advent calendar and beta footage. At the current time one music video and one advent calendar is produced.

When writing this I have completed almost 140 videos on Youtube so I am on the final stretch. Both sequels are still work in progress and both are naturally forced futuristic art projects. There exist a December 2017 trailer for The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky at so there is quite a lot more to tell.

The other problems and the Bollywood connection

Francos work covers several genres. From action to thriller and horror to porn, drama, some musical and the occasional family friendly film. There never was a western or a Bollywood movie. I have decided to recode futurism to a positive art movement. I also decided to recode Franco to more positive art. Sex and violence sells well but I wanted something different. As I was in India I decided to have a Bollywood filter and set in the 1970´s. A modest bikini occurs but not much violence and certainly no nudity. A woman slaps a man. Let´s just say, “The little garden” is unlike anything you have ever seen. Except for the upcoming sequels that is. I hope more than 4 people will see both “The little garden” and the sequels. Around 99 or 400 is a good start.

The sequel “The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” is set in the 1980´s and the last movie is called “The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky” and is set in the 1990´s. It is still possible to act in both movies or create soundtracks to these films. Since Jess liked jazz annoying jazz could be the base with 1980´s and 1990´s electronica added. Annoying focus is needed. It took time and it was rather stressful to complete a movie and art takes its toll. What was difficult to make should be difficult to see, hear and watch. Or just plain weird. Or perhaps even enjoyable. Whatever. It is still art and it exists.

To make it clearer: I feel art could work quite good without stereotypical stories with violence, sex, sleaze and other aspects that has been seen to death (we are after all already dead). I have been collecting footage on dumb phones, smart phones, cameras and just used material from a death/black metal music video I directed and other random footage. In the credits I refer to myself as Ed Wood III when it comes to sound since the movie has lack of perfection just like Franco and Romay. Other artistic heroes are Roger Corman, David Cronenberg and David Lynch. Artists that get things done.

Some of the movies were directed by both Jess and Lina. Does this mean that the movie version of 2023 was directed by both Bill and Jimmy? Maybe. The novel was at least written by both. See! More connections right there!

Time passed and late 2014 the movie was finally edited and done. A sidebet to the sidebet is that I first edited the movie in a windows movie editing program that just failed on me. Three beta versions were the result and no actual or traditional ending. I switched to another program and did a complete version that is almost two hours long. So, there is one feature film and three short films when it comes to the Little garden then. A trilogy and a feature film just like 2023 is a trilogy and a feature film. See! More connections right there! Might be a stretch but whatever.

Time passed again and the premiere occurred. Since then I have applied to Festival 23 to be able to show the movie in 2018 along with some other creative ideas. Also, Dj Badger Kull can be booked for DJ sets since the legend of Badger Kull must live on. Things do happen between the click and the bang (this is page 14 and 15 from “btcatb” reporting and page 257 of 2023 doing the writing). The ADP was at the first festival 23 so some more connections do exist.

The dark ages and onward

I will finish up by trying to connect these movie projects to the Liverpool situation. In the idea for The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky some new characters appear. For instance, Fhu Manzshuii and Nayland Schhhmith of the Scotland yard. I did collect footage in Chinatown and before entering the invisible wind factory. Since a sort of Shard did burn in Liverpool I have also decided in a forced futuristic art manner that the events in London around the 23d of November has some connections to the upcoming movies. I did some shooting around Stansted airport did I not? No matter, I can do that later. And by the way so can you! Just collect some footage that feels Bollywood and 1980´s and 1990´s. Stay away from uncalled nudity and violence. Behave like a weird Ayurveda doctor or conquer the world as Fhu Manshcccui or fight that person as Nayland Schmith. Or just go wild with tentacles. Footage can be used and I suppose job cards can be made.

This is part two of three about the sidebets signing off. First let´s just hope for some things. One is that I do hope that Noam Chomsky and Salman Rushdie shares the nobel prize in literature 2018. Since Salman is younger he can wait until 2019 though. Since Chomsky covers linguistics I do also need to discuss the spelling. Sadoschoccccckpppcoook is usually spelled in different ways and is a Ukrainian or Russian juice brand. It translates to the Little garden. I don´t really have the rights to the name so I just spell it differently. The same goes for Fhu Manzhcuuu and Nayland Schmiiith of the Scotland Yard. Surely some art is public domain but just as starbucks it is better to be safe than sorry and more fun to just spell things differently. Discordian and just part of Forced Futuristic Art. As I mentioned above and probably also in part 1, the readers of this can also be forced futuristic artists. And a soundtrack or two can be created, acting can be done and footage collected. Here is to the Badger Kull stylist and the rest of the 400 and 99. Keep looking out for part three.

Major rethink and major recoding in progress.


All Photos courtesy of P. Verhon.