DJ Greg Wilson @ The Invisible Wind Factory Graduation Ball

The heady trip of ‘Welcome To Dark Ages’ culminated appropriately with a Discordian disco with esteemed DJ Greg Wilson, three-minute heroes Badger Kull and DJ Food, at the Invisible Wind Factory – just across the road from where the Funeral Pyre had been lit at the final stop of The Great Pull North.

Greg Wilson made a recording of his musical contribution and has kindly shared it with us, along with a few of his thoughts on those memorable few days…

“Here’s my mix from their Welcome To The Dark Ages Graduation Ball at Liverpool’s wonderful Invisible Wind Factory, where DJ Food and I supported the three minute headliners Badger Kull following the lighting of the Funeral Pyre on the North Dock, which preceded the Great Pull North from The Florrie, home of our April 1st Super Weird Substance Happening. Following escapades shared with RAW’s Cosmic Trigger – The Play by Daisy Eris Campbell, Festival 23: Propagation of Wonder, Arts Lab Northampton and all the others we’ve met along the way, the magical multi-day jigsaw of Happenings, brought to us by Bill Drummond & Jimmy Cauty (aka The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu, aka The JAMs, aka The Timelords, aka The KLF, aka The K Foundation, aka K2 Plant Hire), felt like the glorious culmination of this chapter of our odyssey and the start of a hope-filled new one.”

Listen to the recording here:

“On the night of the gig, people were saying that Jarvis Cocker was down at the front dancing and a few days later, I received a call from him saying he’d had a great time at the Graduation Ball and he asked if I’d be up for doing his stage at Festival No.6, which was very serendipitous given I was already going to be there for two gigs.

I enjoyed what Jarvis was playing and the way he presented it, conjoining the tracks with musings that brought to mind The Electrifying Mojo – well they say there are musical connections between Detroit and Sheffield. It was a perfect opening to what would be a hugely enjoyable trio of appearances over the weekend.”

Listen to the recording here:


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  1. Great site! Wish I could have been there for any part of the 3 days, thanks to the internet I was able to follow some of it!
    Would it be possible to get a track listing of Greg Wilson’s set from The Graduation Ball, I’ve been listening to it repeatedly and am trying to convince my Best Friend that she would love to hear it in its entirety – however she has been very cynical about anything relating to The JAMs – I am sure that a lot of the 80’s stuff in the mix would convince her that it is well worth a listen!
    Or if you can’t provide a track listing, you could point me in the right direction?

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