From the Florrie to the Factory by Mandy Winter

We are very pleased to welcome guest poet, Mandy Winter who captures the wonder and magic of Day 3 for us…

Mandy has also blogged about Welcome To The Dark Ages. Read her accounts of the event at Ramblings of a Stone Age Queen.


From the Florrie to the Factory

Faces painted black and white
Badgers? Pandas? Ah! Death!
Nothing to be afraid of, the Callenders said
We’re already there, the Dark Ages begun
Or were they ending?
Nothing’s truly clear, but who cares? This is fun!

A 69 minute movie, condensed to 23
Split across 3 screens, images flash by
Grapefruits, the Shard, a fire engulfing
A fox slinking by, the Pyramid’s eye
A cacophony that disturbs and confuses the senses
Mystery upon mystery, even more unclear

A choir sings, a pop star appears
The crowd, enthralled, all cheer
He’s Justified and he’s Ancient
He’s Jarvis of Sheffield
We sing along with joy and reverence
Until we descend the stairs

Outside, a Ukrainian ice Kream van
With ropes stretched out in front
Shopping trollies, flowers and weeds
The dead wearing yellow
A bagpipe band
A Kunt with a lollipop

A ragtag parade through a council estate
The locals look on and stare
What the fuuk is going on?
Don’t ask us, we still don’t know
But who cares?
We’re the Dead, we’re not afraid

Down past the docks
The galleries and Graces
The boats and the police station
Whose employees are confused
But we march on, march on
The Perch is waiting upriver for us

The Perch, floating dead
Makes his way north against the flow
To the deserted wasteland in the north
We follow, dodging traffic
Determined to reach the time
When all of this will make sense

The tribe is assembled
A circle around a pyramid
A sacrificial symbol of the death we have reached
Our coffins are burned, our rebirth has begun
The Dark Ages are over, creativity burgeons
And fills our minds and our bodies



**This poem originally appeared on website. Used with the kind permission of the author.**

Florrie Face Painting Photo courtesy of: L. Elston.

Invisible Wind Factory Photo courtesy of: L. Lee.