DJ Greg Wilson @ The Invisible Wind Factory Graduation Ball

The heady trip of ‘Welcome To Dark Ages’ culminated appropriately with a Discordian disco with esteemed DJ Greg Wilson, three-minute[…]

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Confessions of a Badger Kull Hardcore Fan by Andy Gell

We welcome guest writer, Badger Kull Hardcore Fan, Andy Gell who takes us on his journey through the dark ages, following the biggest[…]

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Welcome To The Dark Ages: The JAMs Return by Josh Ray

We welcome guest writer, DJ/Journalist & Super Weird Substance’s very own, Josh Ray who gives us a full account of his time[…]

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Why ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’ is the ushering in of the Horkosian era of Discordianism – a talk by Daisy Eris Campbell

We welcome a very special guest to WelcomeToTheDarkAges.com… Following her immense involvement at ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’, the incredible,[…]

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