‘Vision 2040’. The Review

Pries Verhon continues the creative output of The 400 with his book: ‘Vision 2040’. The play is inspired by ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’, the fanzine ‘Between The Click And The Bang’ and Andy Gell’s books ‘Whatever’ and ‘Together’.

You can purchase ‘Vision 2040’ via Amazaba.

You can read an excerpt here.


‘Vision 2040’. The Review

Imagine what might occur 23 years after ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’….

Fans of The KLF, The JAMs and attendees of the 2017 happening are well aware of that duration as well as the number behind it.

As the title of Page 257’s book suggests, this play is set in the future, in the year 2040…

It appears that Toxteth Day Of The Dead will be an annual event in the calendar for Brick Buyers and JAMs fans. But what else may happen in the world of thefourhundredverse?

By the time 2040 arrives, will The 400 have all moved on?

It appears that is unlikely…

‘Vision 2040’ commences with the unexpected arrival of a disgruntled fanzine contributor at the home of The Editor of ‘Between The Click & The Bang’. Despite over two decades passing, the protagonist is still upset about an edit that was made to his piece all those years ago and he now insists that a third edition be printed that features his article in full…

What ensues across the following pages is a hyper-meta extravaganza that humorously explores the obsessions, interests, beliefs and quirks that may / may not exist within The 400, via exaggeration and a cast featuring the likes of Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, David Hasselhoff, Nicolas Cage plus many, many attendees of ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’.

Weighing in at just 32 pages, this play is best appreciated by those versed in Andy Gell’s books  ‘Whatever’ and ‘Together’, the fanzine ‘Between The Click And The Bang’, members of The 400 and fans of The KLF, due to the heavy referencing.

‘Vision 2040’ is a comedic romp through a possible future that does not take it self too seriously whilst exploring the kult behaviour from last year’s happening.