Sidebets and Forced Futuristic Art – Part 3 by Pries Verhon

One of the most intriguing and interesting aspects of ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’ has been the inspiration that it has brought to The 400. As a result of the Liverpool ‘happening’ many have gone on to create a wide variety of art…

One attendee, guest writerPries Verhon has been inspired by the work of The KLF, before, during and after the Dark Ages. In this account, Pries takes us back through his journey in August whilst also sharing the art, film and comedy that he creates as fruit of The JAMs… Part 3…

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Sidebets and Torsplan:

A tale of facts, fiction and art before and after the Dark Ages. Part three of three: Pannkakor på Torsplan?


The shard has been burned and the Dark Ages are over. Well at last part one of burning the shard has been done. How many parts are there? This piece does not know much about Burn the Shard and the 99. It is about a modern, Swedish connection. So how is this then a sidebet connected to the Dark Ages? Let´s start by going back to 1987…

Dancing queen

Let´s review some history before getting to 2017. As I am writing this piece the year is ending but how did the JAMS deal with the whole sampling thing? The first album released by the JAMS is called “1987: What the fuck is going on” and in 2017 we were all wondering “what the fuuk is going on”. In a sense, we still don´t know. But I digress. Cells. Interlinked. Constellations.

In 1987 The JAMS sampled the billboard number one tune by ABBA called: “dancing queen”. It was rebranded into “The queen and I” and let´s just say this caused a rather big ruckus in this grim country up north. The album got withdrawn and the edits of 1987 was released. As it so happens dancing queen was not the first Swedish hit – “hooked on a feeling” with Blue Swede was… Now THAT tune could use to be sampled somewhere. How about in 2027 on a new album? But again, I do digress.

I think the main reason is that I do not want the dark ages to fully ever end. I have a part four forming already in those mental wires but is there a connection? One can be found, created or just dropped…

Anyway. Whatever (sak samma in Swedish). Let´s move on with some 2017 sidebets before we all get too old and the music just turns Solid Gold Chartbusters and the Nokia tune from Finland and not the much better Kalevala record, right? Right?




Banana pancakes with blueberries

As it so happens, the above link discusses why a certain location has the name it has. It used to be called “Vreten” and is now known as “Solna strand”. Strand is beach in English but there is really none at the place. Just industrial buildings and that is the place for part 1 of a youtube comedy channel me and my partner started. The above link is for part 1, and was filmed before the Dark Ages was discovered by myself. Or so I remember. I might be wrong. But just as Vreten can be seen as The JAMS well The KLF can be seen as Solna Strand. So there is a connection right there.

But let´s just move a bit more back in time and explain how Torsplan was formed. Me and my partner was riding that MTR subway one day in 2017. Two generic rather douchy fellows were going on in a rather typical Swedish mansplaining way about their generic, Swedish day. They discussed that it was good to do workouts in the Stockholm area of Torsplan. And then eating Banana pancakes. They went on with this for quite some time and that is what inspired the youtube channel, the Instagram account and that lovely twitter account. So, we were off and got to shooting and just going on with rants, comedy and Swedish stuff.


Getting ready for The Dark Ages

And then I got the ticket to the Dark Ages and this needed to happen:

An electrical adapter needed to be purchased and we got to it. It worked out fine and this is so connected to that Liverpool situation as I used it during the event. It did the electrical conversion in a splendid manner. And the android telephone charge cable I had with me was just a little bit too short to be able to be used at the hostel. However, the adapter added some length, charging could be done. So, all in all this meant more footage that was documentary about the Dark Ages, some forced futuristic art footage, The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky and Sadoschocck material and also Torsplan. It all means you all get to read more about those dark ages. Lucky, you of the 400, 99 and the others!


Last train to Kymlinge

The above is about a ghost station on the Subway in Stockholm. It never got used, and some trains are passing. Maybe those train just go on to Trancentral at times. But it´s scary and because of that connected. As is a… O MY FUUCKING GOD IS THAT A GIANT SEACREATURE OR IS IT THE REMAINS OF THE MILLION POUNDS IN THE CLOUDS? WE MAY NEVER KNOW!

Sorry, the above just really turned some heads and skulls around. Let’s move on. Will Slick Rick join the Jams? So many questions. Always more questions than answers. I could go for a banana pancake right now.


Tune in to the channel But really, let us move on. The link to the youtube channel is right above along with the astral shoes of Jarvis Cocker. It is also available in the print only “Between the click and the bang”. The link that is, not the piece I wrote.


Keep tuning in to more channels and find the others A facelife exists as well since we all need more information regarding those banana pancakes and such. Yes thank you for asking. There is a Instagram! / and there is that soundcloud account since social media is getting more and more important. – Do not forget Twitter. All so important.


This is it, but not really

That is basically it for now. But not really. There will be more to tell. There is footage that concerns those dark ages with one of the Torsplan delivering a report from Liverpool. It just needs to be edited. Along with other footage that concern what concerns Torsplan and there needs to be made more. More images, more tweets, more Instagram, more youtube, more soundcloud.


One of the editors signing off

Also, there needs to be more burning of Shards, more of some new Dark Ages and just more of 400 activities. Let’s just say that for now, this is Pries Verhon signing off. One of the founding members of Torsplan. Edits will be made and banana pancakes will be had. Pictures will be posted and the dark ages are over. Welcome to the light comedy ages with banana pancakes. At Torsplan. With blueberries. Hooked on a dancing queen look and pop references connected to 2023.



All Photos courtesy of P. Verhon.