Badger Kull 2.0 – Cally Badger Speaks…

Well, it appears that all has not been well in the Badger Kull 2.0 Kamp…

We requested a kommunication from Cally Badger (apparently also known as Cally Callomon). He replied after seeking legal advice….

We too then sought legal advice, but despite the better judgement of our lawyers, we are going to publish the correspondence anyway…

Cally lives here.

Badger Kull 2.0 – Cally Badger Speaks…

From: Cally
Date: 12/1/17 at 7:50 AM
Subject: + Badger Kull article / interview for Welcome To The Dark Ages


Having taken legal advice, my only comments are:

After a lengthy Badger Kull 2.0 tour of the East Coast (Skegness, Cromer, Sea Houses, Alnwick, Hull, etc etc) to packed houses, and after our album ‘Pull Down Your Blood Red Roses’ was so well received and lauded, all five of us felt the pressure of success get just that bit too much.

As you may have read (and people noticed and complained) Alexander Crewe left Badger Kull two days before the Burn The Shard event, which put us on the spot and we had to dramatically re-arrange our set to mask the loss of the counter-tenor-mezzo-baritone parts. I think we got away with it, just.

Though we are used to our normal 3 and a half hour set, it was a welcome relief to just deliver the one song, albeit with new lyrics written by Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond but the seas of dissent were tidal and the damage was evident by the end.

Able Seaman Crampton stormed out at the end of the show muttering that he could no longer work with amateurs, ‘Lugworm’ Garry was found offering the takings of the night to a dusky blonde in exchange for a large wrap of Skeomorph (Powdered Rhino Horn) and my partner: Seaman Staines, confessed to me that he was having an affair with Landlubber Mark all through the last tour.

We tried to patch things up as best we could – a week later we met up, but decided to call it a day, Badger Kull 2.1 would be no more, we cancelled our H20 Arena shows (as you probably read and so, hence, are asking) and went our separate ways.

I now read that Badger Scull (Mark and Garry) plan to tour as some kind of bogus Tribute Act, hoping that folk will not be too awake when they buy concert tickets to notice the difference.

Because of that, Matthew called me up and suggested we get the old band back together again (Original Line Up). He apologised for storming out and suggested we hire in two members of the recently terminated Huntsabs crew. This we intend to do, to ride the waves again, to sing all the hits (or as Matthew says ‘sing the tits off the hits’).

Our lawyers have warned us off using the name Badger Kull but this is yet to be decided. I suggested Badger Kill, Matt suggested Badge Her Cull, but we may just cast our fate to the wind and sail the good ship Badger Kull 3.0 once again.

Perhaps, when you get a moment, you can explain to me who ‘The Justified Ancients of MewMew’ are, I tried to find a Billy and Jim all night but they seemed elusive. Are they nice guys? They paid us a small fortune: would have been nice to at least say thank you.

Hope this helps,


P.S. ‘The 99’ you mention so often, is this the flake found in an ice kream?