Justified & Ancient – a clue to The People’s Pyramid…

Now that the 400 have dispersed from ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’ many are still left with questions. Life now looks pretty different for the ‘volunteers’ and a sense that this is actually just a beginning is present amongst the group. Fears have been dispelled and inspiration is spreading through the ‘graduates’.

Thoughts on The People’s Pyramid are likely to be divisive in the times ahead. It is quite a shift on the majority of contemporary thoughts around what happens at the end of our time.

As part of The Rites Of Mu, on Friday 25th August, 2017, Jarvis Cocker was joined by a JAMs assembled choir for a rendition of ‘Justified & Ancient’ as a hymn, at The Florrie, Toxteth.

Those in the congregation were issued lyric sheets.


The lyrics of The KLF hit had been specially adapted for Jarvis, The Toxteth Day Of The Dead and The People’s Pyramid. A  line mentioning bricks is also present…

Within the announcement that The JAMs now have responsibilities as undertakers, it was revealed that you can choose to be mumufied via the purchase of a brick that will then be placed into the pyramid…

Have you wondered why Justified & Ancient was chosen as the song for this event rather than another from their extensive catalogue?

Have you wondered as to what was changed lyrically from other versions?

Have you wondered if there is a connection from Justified & Ancient to Mumufication and The People’s Pyramid?

Well, here is the original ‘White Room’ version of ‘Justified & Ancient’…

Did you hear it?

Did you hear a certain line in a very different context this time?

Did it strike you that the original usage of that line sounded slightly strange? And may now have a secondary meaning?

This version hails from 1991…

What was the plan from The KLF all those years ago?

Does this lyric confirm that Cauty and Drummond will be joining the pyramid themselves?

Have you bought your brick yet?

Rockman he's just made of bricks


Justified & Ancient Lyric Sheet Photo courtesy of: S. Tiley