JAMs: Job Cards – a collection

This post was initially private and just for the dedicated Facebook KLF groups. Now that the Graduation is completed, this collection is available to all.

Huge thanks to the incredible 400 plus all those on the Facebook KLF groups who helped put this list together. Extra special thank you to Lee Holden who has been an immense help.

If there are any cards missing, then please get in touch.

We currently need (plus any others you know of):

  1. Ragwort Feeder Leg 1
  2. Any other job cards not included below…

JAMs – Job Cards

The 400 individuals who managed to get tickets for ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages’ were informed that they would also be ‘volunteers’. Details as to what this meant were not supplied at purchase or before arrival…

On the Tuesday 22nd August and the morning of Wednesday 23rd August, ticket holders were instructed to attend the Dead Perch to swop their tickets for wristbands. During this exchange, each participant was then asked to pick a ‘skill’ from a list of eight items (or choose none at all). There was no context supplied as to how or when such a skill would be used or the ability level required…

On the afternoon of ‘Day 1’ – all the ‘volunteers’ congregated at Constellations, Liverpool. It was here that they then found out what the number they had selected as a skill would mean for them as a job…


Not all of the eight initial skills required all 400 volunteers. Other tasks were also needed…

Each ‘volunteer’ was issued a job card…

Even then, full context was not clear…

Collection of the job cards…










Soup Kitchen - Ian Warm shopping troller finder and pusher

volunteer for things we havent thought of yet - mandie buchanan Voluntters Volunteer - Lee Holden

brick packer - Kristoffer Björkman Ragwort Scatterer - Ade Cartwright

badger kull bass - Kristoffer Björkman Standard-Bearer---Rachel-Emu

van painter - Kristoffer Björkman Make-up-artist-seb-tiley

Costume Collector - Kristoffer Björkman edit Badger Kull Stylist - Becci James

bishop - a cheffie Buddleia Collector - Nick King

Badger Kull Roadie - Mark Cantwell  Graduation Certificate Preparer - Chris Burgess

Public Hearing Official - Ian Bell Great North Puller - Leg Three - Samuel Buckley

Gimpos-marshall-adam-weishaupt badgerkull-manager_pete_woodhead

Ragwort-Feeder---Leg-Two---Thomas-Corner Ragwort-Scatterer---Leg-One---Mandy-Winter

Ragwort-Scatterer---Leg-Two---Mandy-Winter Costume Coordinator - mssarahwalters

Stage Manager - Robert J Cotter Readers-From-Hell-Book-Club---Aaron-Nathaniel-Standen

Starbucks-Persuader---edit Court-Sketcher---Human-Robber

Ragwort-Feeder-Leg-Three-John-Pitts BadgerKullSocialMedia_JoeHatt_AlanYoung

Perch Catching Assistant - David Brooks

And these…

Task Discordian - Paul JaYmes Casual Onlooker - Scott Ford

facebook whinger - ben asselstine Dark Ages Cynic - Paul JaYmes



  1. I live the fact that the ‘Stylist’ card is the only one with painted nails in the photo! 😀

  2. Ragwort Feeder Leg 1, Ragwort Feeder Leg 3 and Stage Manager are the only ones you are missing that you have not already asked for. Also there was no job “Strong Swimmer” that was the job description for “Perch Catching Assistant”.

  3. I know someone who is doing the last one on fb, I’m. Now wondering if he actually went & this was his task? 🤔

    1. It is, however I know for a fact he never went & is just moaning about the whole concept. Unfortunately…

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